Shining a new light on semi-automated clinical chemistry testing with increased auto functionality and groundbreaking technology.
The RX altona has been developed with the user in mind by incorporating
a responsive touch-screen display. The sleek ergonomic design boasts
intuitive user-friendly software allowing for test menu personalisation
for ease of use.
Personal customisation combined with the world leading RX series test menu
guarantees complete patient profiling and astonishing functionality. Increased
automatic features guarantee precision, reliability and accuracy for results you
can trust.
The RX altona provides exciting opportunities for consolidation of routine &
specialised testing and is perfectly suited to a variety of laboratory types as a
primary or a backup analyser.
 These include:
•    Clinical laboratories,
•    Specialised clinics
•    Research & educational laboratories
•    Veterinary laboratories
•    Food and wine testing

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